And, the Nominees Are …

Cast member Lady Gaga arrives for the premiere of the movie “A Star Is Born” in Los Angeles, California, U.S. September 24, 2018. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Earlier this month, two major awards shows announced the 2019 nominees. For the Golden Globes, ‘A Star is Born’ and ‘Vice’ led the way, but it was ‘Black Panther’ that made history with its Best Picture nomination. For the Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift was snubbed while Kendrick Lamar received eight nominations to lead the pack. All of the latest stories, analysis and updates were available on Microsoft News, the first step in gearing up for the start of awards and events season.

Throughout the year at Microsoft News, we diligently review our editorial calendar, making sure that we are on top of key themes and dates to delight users like you.

Some of the biggest days on the calendar correspond with annual events, such as the major awards shows and their nominations. We prepare for these events for months in advance, reviewing themes and topics that correspond with each awards show, high-stakes game or international competition.

The goal here is simple: We want to provide the most in-depth, comprehensive, up-to-the-minute experience available for any big event. The coverage isn’t at the expense of daily coverage of weather, politics or other news. A dedicated team works specifically on events to ensure that we are covered on all angles while also making sure that all other big stories are covered in tandem. With this clear and intentional focus, Microsoft News is the place to be before, during and after any big event.

When Oprah delivered her riveting Golden Globes speech last January, we scoured our content options to find the best, most comprehensive articles, videos and analysis from our partners, including ET, The Hollywood Reporter and Wonderwall. But our focus on Oprah didn’t take away from the rest of our Globes coverage – we highlighted the top fashions, including Reese Witherspoon’s custom black Zac Posen, recapped the winners and found more backstage tidbits to delight our readers. We were able to do all of this while monitoring and updating scores from the NFL playoffs.

In May, there was the Royal Wedding. We were prepared for the scale of this event, which captured the attention of the world. Senior staff followed the ceremony live, updating our content to reflect the latest on Meghan Markle’s dress, the vows and the noteworthy guests. We followed the story through the weekend to make sure you didn’t miss one fairytale moment.

And then there were the midterm elections. We had wall-to-wall coverage, giving users the latest insights on national races, local results and deep analysis about what it all meant. With live updates throughout the Election Night to the continuing presence in the days that followed, our coverage was thorough and balanced, a testament to the planning that preceded it.

By putting a spotlight on our event coverage, we believe that everybody wins. Whether it’s an awards show, big game, world-wide competition or even the occasional royal wedding, you can find the images, video, updates and analysis you’re looking for right here. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to go get ready for the Golden Globes. Tune in for the latest on January 6 and beyond for fashion, winners, highlights and more. Enjoy!