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Back-to-School Basics

The back-to-school season is upon many of us! As families prepare their students for the new school year they’re increasingly shopping online.  Shopping from Microsoft Start is here to help save time and money. We have products sourced from over 1,000 online stores, dozens of helpful categories, and a curated Back-to-School Basics page that highlights the most popular current deals.

For example, computers and other electronics can represent a large part of a household’s back-to-school budget. The deals available in the Laptops and Notebooks category can save shoppers some serious cash.

Laptop deals

Clicking on any of the deals from the Laptops and Notebooks category will provide additional information on the product, as well as a handy graph revealing the online price history over time. Shoppers can feel better about their purchases knowing that the price has recently gone down or decide to hold off if it has been listed for significantly less in the past.

Graph of high, low, and median price of goods over time

While computers and other electronics may be an obvious big expense, households can often spend as much, or even more, on back-to-school fashion. And rightly so, a big part of getting ready for school is looking the part. Once again, the Back-to-School Basics page is here to help save time and money with curated deals on the styles students are wearing today.

Back-to-school clothing deals

Back-to-school shopping is an important part of gearing up for a great start to the new school year. But it’s not just the clothes, art supplies, laptops, and backpacks that get students ready to learn, it is the feeling of confidence they gain from knowing that they are well-prepared to succeed in the academic year ahead. In other words, back-to-school shopping can help you gain confidence, as well as a new laptop!

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