Battle plan for a martial digital fan experience

Muay Thai. Kickboxing. Silat. Submission grappling. Mixed martial arts.
For fans of combative sports and martial arts, news that ONE Championship and Microsoft will be partnering should be a good one. Headquartered in Singapore and among the biggest global sports media property in Asia, ONE will be buffing up its direct-to-consumer digital experience using Azure AI, machine learning and data analytics.
ONE also runs Asia’s massive global esports Championship series and the partnership means bringing exclusive martial arts and eSports content to the Microsoft News ecosystem, which reaches more than 500 million people in 180 countries every month through personalized news feeds on MSN, Bing, and Microsoft Edge, as well as through dozens of global syndication partners.
Check out the Microsoft News Center to    read more on this match of the century (although definitely not a contentious one).