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Election 2020 on Microsoft News

Here at Microsoft News, it all starts with content from the world’s top journalists.

We get more than 200,000 pieces of content from our publishing partners every day. We get minute-by-minute primary results from the Associated Press. And our sentiment polling (in partnership with CivicScience) collects opt-in responses from users on more than 300 sites around the web representing diverse viewpoints.

That’s a lot of news and data to take in. But it’s also a treasure trove of information to explore.

Our Microsoft News Election 2020 coverage gives you a place to explore all of the news, results and data that matter to you, brought to you by 800 editors around the world and backed by cutting-edge technology.

  • Read all sides of the story on Issue Spotlights. We’ll give you a rundown of the facts from our news partners, including The Washington Post, CNN, The Hill, and USA Today. You can hear from diverse voices about the discussion, and we’ll give you a timeline to catch you up on how we all got here.
Issue Spotlight on Microsoft News
  • Explore voter sentiment in Polls. We partner with Microsoft Research and CivicScience for randomized, statistically valid, opt-in polling across 300 diverse sites. Those responses drive interactive graphics showing how voter sentiment is trending. Drill into the data to discover geographic and demographic trends or track sentiment shifts over time. Our editor’s notes add context to the data and links to relevant articles from our high-quality content partners.
Poll results on Microsoft News
  • Go local with our State Pages. We know that local elections can have a larger impact to your day-to-day life than national ones, so we’re bringing you news about issues, candidates and races close to home.
States on Microsoft News
Candidates on Microsoft News

We invite you to explore the Microsoft News Election 2020 experience in both English and Spanish on your phone, tablet or computer. We’ll continue to add to this experience through Election Day in November with more debate coverage and new polls and graphics. Let us know what you think through our Feedback link on any page.

Jennifer Myers is a principal program manager at Microsoft News and leads our Elections 2020 initiative.