Get started with the Web widget

Easily access information that’s important to you. Quickly check in on the latest headlines, weather, sports, and more in a way that’s easy to observe at-a-glance and without the distraction of switching between apps, websites and devices.

Turn on the Web widget and jump into the personalized experience

It is easy to get started. Follow these simple steps to enable the experience if it is not already on.


1. Click “…” in Microsoft Edge browser and select “Settings”


2. Click on the “New Tab Page” Section


3. Clickand launch the Web widget


4. (Optional) – You can also show the Web widget upon starting your computer. Simply turn on the toggle on this page.

How to use and customize the Web Widget

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Choose the view that best suits your needs. Quickly switch between a dashboard, vertical or search only layout. Then move and resize the Web widget as you desire.


Set up a shortcut that is optimized for the way you like to work. Turn on a floating button for one click access or pin the Web widget to your screen and enable autohide – Simply hover over the side of your screen to access the experience.


Immerse yourself in the content with a click. Do you see a headline that you need to learn more about? Immediately react with an emoji or go straight into a focused reading experience with a click.

Personalize the content you see in Web widget


The Web widget is designed to help you keep up to date with the headlines and topics you care about, with content that is personalized for you. You can control the personalized content you see, with easy-to-use tools for sharing what you like, and selecting what you want to see more (or less) of. Try the following to further personalize the Web widget:


Share, save or see more stories like the ones you like

You can click on headlines and articles you see in Web widget to share them with others or save them to read later. You can also send feedback on stories, by clicking controls to see more stories like this, fewer stories like this, hide the story or the source, or report an issue.


On any headline or article, click on More options … and choose More stories like this to see similar stories in your feed as they become available.


Choose topics or publishers to follow

You can add or manage the topics you would like to follow in Web widget by using the My Interests section on the destination site. To follow a topic or a publisher, click “See more” in Web widget, and then select “My Interests.” On this page, you can follow or unfollow a topic, follow or unfollow a publisher, or tune your feed. You can also choose to hide stories from a publisher from the Web widget directly, by clicking More options… on a content card, and then selecting “Hide stories from (the source).”


Get personalized updates on weather, traffic, and more

Web widget shows you up-to-the-minute updates for weather, traffic and more. If you’re not interested in that information, you can toggle these off by clicking “…” in the top right corner of the information card, then choose to hide the card. You can also change the location by clicking “edit location” to see updates from somewhere else. You can also manage your location and settings by clicking “See more” at the bottom of the Web widget and going to “Experience Settings” in the My Interests section of the navigation menu.

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