From Our Editor-in-Chief

Microsoft News hub in Lille, France

The Microsoft News team has a mission to keep the world informed. Nearly half a billion people come to MSN and Microsoft Edge every month to find out what’s going on in the world, take a break or learn how to live a more fulfilling life. Our massive content offering includes news, politics, entertainment, sports, food, lifestyle, personal finance, fashion, science and many, many more topics – whatever your interest or mood, we’ve got you covered.

But there’s one topic that we haven’t kept you informed about: What we’ve been up to.

That’s where this blog comes in. This is the place where we’ll tell you about the ways we’re changing how people discover and experience news and other content.  It’s also where we’ll tell you about our event coverage plans, share fascinating results of our popular polls and let you know about new features that will make your Microsoft News experience even better.

Microsoft News and Start team

By way of example, here’s some of what’s new:

  • We recently announced Microsoft News, our new name for the content engine that powers MSN and other experiences like news on the Microsoft Edge start page, with more to come! To learn more about Microsoft News, read this post.
  • We just launched a site dedicated to school age kids. Find out more here.
  • MSN has been working with a variety of charitable organizations as part of our MSN Causes program.
  • We have partnered with Pluto TV to bring you live streaming channels, including CBS News, Bloomberg TV, FOX Sports, CNBC, The Nerdist, People TV and a wide number of other news, entertainment, sports and music and family friendly channels.
  • Ready for a chuckle or two? Try the new Humor Section here.

One more thing: we’re excited and proud to announce the release of our new Microsoft News app. The app has been completely redesigned into a modern and beautiful experience tailored to iOS and Android devices. You can get more details on the Microsoft News post or get the app now.

That’s the latest for now. There’s a lot more going on here so please check the blog often. In the meantime, thank you for being one of our loyal users. We take our mission to keep you informed seriously and we’re grateful for your trust and confidence.

Rob Bennett
Editor-in-Chief, Microsoft News