Introducing MSN Severe Weather: Let’s Stay Safe Out There

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After the devastating 2017 hurricane season, the Microsoft News team wanted a better way to keep you aware of severe storms threats headed your way. That’s why we developed our new Severe Weather page, in partnership with Foreca.

The Severe Weather page is designed to give you the information you need in order to make informed decisions about the weather around you. Real-time data gives you visualizations of the threats in your area.

We’ve broken the severe weather experience into five categories: severe weather alerts, earthquakes, hurricanes, air quality and pollen.


Follow the development of tropical systems with the Hurricane tracker. You’ll get an overview of all active storms, from their development to their projected paths. Click on any node to see details about wind speed and category. The Microsoft News editors also created a Hurricane Disaster Preparedness page, which includes printable emergency checklists, step-by-step guides for preparing for a hurricane and how to help others in the aftermath.

Severe WeatherSevere Weather

The Severe Weather map is a visual way to track dangerous weather as it moves across the country. Here you can see upcoming and current weather alerts from the National Weather Service, differentiated by severity.


Did you know there are hundreds of earthquakes shaking the world every day? In the Earthquakes map, you can see every earthquake from the past 24 hours visualized by severity.

Air QualityAir quality

Get a heads-up about air pollution levels in your area with the Air Quality map. We lay out data from monitors across the US in one handy map. Want to see what’s causing the pollution near you? Click on the nearest monitor for details.


Pollen season is rough for those with seasonal allergies, but the MSN’s new Pollen map is here to help. There you can monitor pollen levels in your county and pinpoint which plants are causing the problem.

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