Learn to Create Transcripts in Word Today

A man take a phone call on speaker phone while working on his laptop at a table.

Last week, Microsoft announced Transcribe for Word on the web. You can read that announcement here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2020/08/25/microsoft-365-transcription-voice-commands-word/

Now reporters (or anyone with a Microsoft 365 license) can create a transcript of an online meeting, an in-person conversation, or a prerecorded file.

This is a great tool for journalists because:

  • They can quickly get transcripts of their interviews
  • They can drop a key quote from a conversation directly into the story they are writing
  • They can hand the transcript and audio file directly to their fact checker
  • They can spend more time reporting and less time typing

Here are five 90-second videos that show you how to use different elements of this feature. Check them out and start saving time today!

Get Started with Transcribe in Word on the web


YouTube Video


Create a Transcript from a Pre-recorded File


YouTube Video

Create a Transcript of a Live Interview


YouTube Video

Identify the Speakers in your Transcript


YouTube Video

Edit and Add Quotes from you Transcript


YouTube Video

You can find more free training videos at https://news.microsoft.com/microsoft365forjournalists/.

If you’d like to learn more about how we work with newsrooms, check out “The Lowdown on the Microsoft 365 for Journalists Program” at https://blogs.msn.com/microsoft-365-for-journalists-program/