Mapping the COVID-19 outbreak

To keep up with the news and data on the spread of COVID-19 around the world, Bing and Microsoft News have aggregated data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization and other authoritative sources for an interactive map.

The Coronovirus hub centralizes the latest headlines as well as the COVID-19 Tracker powered by Bing.

Microsoft News debuted the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health page in February and added the Bing COVID-19 tracker.

You can also find the tracker on a dedicated Bing page. Since its debut, the tracker has been updated to show county level U.S. data, regional level data for many countries, and a graphs of confirmed and fatal cases.

Go to for a full-page view of active cases, recovered cases, deaths by country and the spread over time with links to help and information.

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Searches for “covid19,” “coronavirus information,” or similar terms on mobile and desktop versions of Bing will surface a persistent module that provides the latest data on a local and global scale.

The Helpful Info tab brings up information on everything from travel updates, testing locations, and ways to contribute on a local or global level.

For more information on what new features have been added, check out the Bing blog.

Manish Mittal is a general manager at Bing. Product marketing manager Jamie Papin-Wynne also contributed to this post.