Microsoft News readers helping people and the planet

COVID-19 response

The coronavirus epidemic has created a common thread of need across diverse segments of the world’s population: a neighborhood café owner, a health care worker, a senior living alone, a child home from school, a family who just needs clean running water to wash their hands.

Microsoft News readers have responded to meet unprecedented challenges on levels great and small, from supporting local small businesses to funding international medical research and supply efforts. Through donation programs in a dozen MSN markets around the world, you have generously contributed more than $500,000 to help people affected by the pandemic.

Giving around the world

Here are some of the national and international frontline nonprofits you have impacted:

  • CDC Foundation ($21K): Funding medical supplies, deploying emergency staffing and boosting clinical research to improve health outcomes
  • Feeding America ($60K): Distributing food and supplies across its national network of food banks as the need for assistance skyrockets
  • Food Banks Canada ($28K): Providing food to the hungry across Canada
  • Team Rubicon ($18K): Veteran-led volunteer organization providing deliveries for food-insecure populations, supporting those in temporary quarantine and spearheading the national #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors initiative  
  • DonorsChoose ($10K): Funding US Distance Learning Projects which allow teachers to request resources to facilitate continued learning while schools are closed
  • UNICEF ($50K): Supporting children and their caregivers globally with hygiene supplies, home learning resources and life-saving information
  • AgeUK ($192K): Providing vital services such as food parcels and home hospital support to vulnerable older people in the UK, including telephone friendship services
Community sharing

Withing their communities, readers have also donated more than $20K to charities in 10 of the hardest hit US states, such as Seattle Foundation (Washington), World Central Kitchen (Philadelphia, Boston), Target Hunger (Texas), and the United Ways of New York, California, Washington state, and Michigan.

In addition, Microsoft News partnered with The American Red Cross in March and April to host a virtual blood drive; a severe national blood shortage affects people like accident and burn victims, organ transplant patients and those battling cancer. With added safety measures, 300 of our readers made appointments to donate their blood to address this shortage in the face of the pandemic.  

To find a nearby blood donation location and find out if you’re eligible, click here.

In general, to see if there is a giving opportunity in your area, simply make sure that your Weather report is configured to your locale, and look for the donation button in your local news stripe.

Earth Month

Amid the stress and confinement of COVID-19, celebrations surrounding the 50th Earth Day was decidedly muted – though the need for addressing the planet’s environmental threats is no less urgent.

Americans See Climate as a Concern, Even Amid Coronavirus Crisis

The Microsoft News for Good Earth Month hub explored the issues of carbon, biodiversity, water and waste – and what we can do to make meaningful progress on them. We partnered with The Nature Conservancy in support of its campaign to plant a billion trees. Regreening the planet is one of the best ways to combat climate change and sequester carbon, restore habitat to countless species of important animals and plants, and protect the precious resources on which all life depends.

Microsoft News readers made a strong impact on this cause even without having to leave home, donating a combined $30,000 to The Nature Conservancy’s campaign. With a matching pledge from Microsoft and one tree planted for every $2 donated, 30,000 new trees will be planted toward their goal. Added to the 50,000 trees planted through our 2019 Earth Day campaign, that makes 80,000 trees planted by MSN readers in the last 2 years.

Microsoft has pledged to match tree planting donations up to $150,000, so it’s not too late! Help meet our goal by donating here.

Thank you for giving in these times

The issues we’re presently facing as humans may feel overwhelming, but we can make a difference. Thanks to our generous readers for your faith in goodness and for being part of the solutions.

Want to get involved? Browse our current giving opportunities