Recreating family recreation

Right now, parents and caregivers are pulling double and triple duty to accommodate remote learning and find safe ways to connect, all while keeping everyone upbeat with fun things to do. Adjusting to this new way of life and navigating the uncertainty can be difficult for adults and kids alike.  

The MSN Family page spotlights educational and recreational activities from Microsoft and around the web. It presents a rotating selection of resources including home learning, kid-friendly games, and original stories from the Microsoft 365 team. From parents brainstorming culinary activities for kids to undergraduates virtually recreating their college campus, these stories show how to connect with one another and find unique ways to celebrate time-honored traditions.  

The MSN Family page also features informative articles from Microsoft News Kids — a safe, ad-free destination launched in 2018 to explain challenging news topics to children and keep them up-to-date on world events.  While Microsoft New Kids delivers trusted age-appropriate news, the MSN Family page shares practical strategies to cope and stay entertained.  

COVID-19 impacts every family differently. Check for upcoming stories on MSN Family that look at how an art program serves adults with developmental disabilities, and an intimate perspective on how families are managing school and maintaining social skills from a distance for children with special needs.