MSN Causes: How we’re empowering our readers to make a difference

Close-Up Of Swing In Park; (C) Getty Images

MSN Causes are special content experiences we create to inform and empower people around select topics. Find out what’s being done around the country to address the Homelessness crisis – what’s working, and how you can help, in your own community and beyond. Celebrate women who are breaking barriers and support Gender Equality through organizations like Girls Who Code (an organization which Microsoft proudly sponsors). Get inspired by the progress being made to protect the Earth’s fragile and critical Biodiversity, adopt an animal, or get easy ideas for how you can make a difference in your own home.

We believe that a thriving future, both in the near-term and long-term, is within our power if we’re willing to make it so.

For the month of May, we focused on the issue of Missing Children. There were some 465,000 children reported missing in the US in 2016 alone, and in Canada, 47,000 kids went missing in 2017 (read more here). The global figures are more staggering. Going beyond the common image of playground abductions and kidnappings, our carefully-curated report looked into even more pervasive aspects of the issue, such as online luring, parental abductions, runaways and human trafficking. You can learn how to protect the children in your life and connect with organizations like the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children that are working to bring kids home.

We may all be “just one person”, but as an MSN reader, you’re part of a community of millions. So we hope you’ll join us in coming together for some very good Causes.