See Teams Files in Windows

A video title card that reads, "Sync Teams to Windows File Explorer."

Like many of you, I create a lot of content. I also have to share it with the rest of my team. But it’s not just the final pieces I have to share. We’re often working with various resources, source material, images, and raw reports that everyone shares. Teams is a great place to share that so we all have access and so it is backed up.

When I work with files, though, I also like to work with local copies — copies on my hard drive. I move things to different folders, rename them as appropriate, and work with them as most folks work with documents. I find Windows File Explorer is most useful for that.

Fortunately, I can sync the two back and forth. This way I get the best of both worlds — the security and collaboration of Teams with the ease and offline capability of local file management.

This 90-second video shows you how to do that.


YouTube Video


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