Singles’ Day – The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year?

Did you know that the biggest global shopping day of the year is not Black Friday? Nor is it Cyber Monday. It’s Singles’ Day, 11/11, or Double 11. (This year is especially fun: 11/11/22.) Singles’ Day is an unofficial Chinese holiday started by university students to celebrate people who are not in a relationship. The holiday was created as a cynical response to all of the events and holidays (like Valentine’s Day) that celebrate couples.

Initially called “Bachelor’s Day” in the 1990s, both sexes took to the concept, and it soon became known as Singles’ Day. It is a day for single people to splurge on gifts that they normally wouldn’t buy for themselves. From those humble beginnings, and with the advent of online shopping, Singles Day has grown beyond China to become the single biggest shopping holiday in the world, with sales easily surpassing Black Friday and Cyber Monday – combined.

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Let’s be honest, single people are not the only ones that need an excuse to treat themselves. Anyone can take advantage of the fact that this is the one occasion where you can get exactly what you want–because you are buying it for yourself! Singles’ Day is, in its essence, a holiday for treating oneself. Explore all of the time and money-saving deals on Shopping from Microsoft Start and go ahead, shop for yourself this time!

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