The Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2023

Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is an unofficial holiday in many countries around the world and provides us all the opportunity to celebrate our love and affection toward one another. Not surprisingly, it’s also one of the biggest shopping days of the year! If you’re looking online for a great gift for that special someone, Shopping from Microsoft Start is here to help! The Editor’s Picks for Valentine’s Day contains a curated selection of the top Valentine’s Day gifts for 2023, as well as some great deals. Take a look at the top five searched-for gifts to help inspire you: 

Gift ideas, including flowers, chocolate, gourmet gifts, earrings and grooming


Who doesn’t love receiving a beautiful bouquet of their favorite flowers? Flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day gift and best of all, you don’t need to worry about getting them in the right size! Check out the discounts available for flowers on Microsoft Start Shopping 

Different flowers bouquets


Chocolates, especially those in heart-shaped boxes, are another Valentine’s Day staple and an obvious top gift choice. Shopping from Microsoft Start provides lots of sweet options to choose from – saving you both time and money!  

Different chocolate options


Jewelry is a perennial favorite gift for any major occasion. The advantage of jewelry is simple – it’s a gift that will last! Everything from classic watches and diamond earrings to more affordable charm bracelets and personalized nameplate necklaces can be found with great deals on Shopping from Microsoft Start. 



Another option that’s made the Microsoft Start’s Editor’s Picks list of what Valentine’s Day shoppers are looking for – perfumes and colognes. A fragrance is a clever gift for your favorite Valentines as it’s something that the giver can enjoy – and smell – as well as the recipient! 

Different perfumes and colognes


Another popular Valentine’s Day tradition is making memories together through new experiences. Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to find something new to experience together. We have a great tool to help you discover new restaurants and activities. To ease the difficulty – Shopping from Microsoft Start can help you search for the perfect gift card(s). We have dozens of options for restaurants, movies, concerts, and sporting events.

Gift cards

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