Three Million+ Cars!? That garage must be HUGE!

Shopping for a vehicle used to mean calling dealer after dealer, comparing various websites, or showing up at a lot only to discover your dream car was no longer in stock. Vehicle buyers now demand a straightforward journey, with complete and honest information, the ability to research at their leisure, and most importantly, an inventory that allows for one-stop shopping.

For decades now, consumers have been empowered to visit websites allowing users to browse and buy everything from books to video games, household appliances, and even an electric chainsaw if the mood should strike, all with ease. Likewise, the consumer of the 2020s is searching for a single place to browse for luxury sports cars and off-road 4x4s, with the relevant information front and center.

With Start Autos Marketplace, Microsoft is making the car buying experience an enjoyable, reliable, and anxiety-free activity. Whether you’re considering upgrading to something sporty, looking for safe and reliable family transport, or just browsing for deals in your area, the Start Autos Marketplace is the only portal vehicle shoppers need to remove the common pain points from the car buying process. You can leverage the power of Bing Maps for instant area searches of over three million listings, see immediately how the deal you found matches up with our Price Insight tool, use the loan calculator to estimate your payment, check availability, dealer locations, accident reports, previous owners, and more. Everything you need to feel good about your next car purchase has been centralized and designed to make your life just a little easier. You can even list your existing car in no time with Start Autos Marketplace’s easy-to-follow, “Sell Your Car” feature to make some cash on your old vehicle.

Start Autos Marketplace has brought together the key features buyers leverage most frequently in an elegant, easy-to-digest interface. We are placing the power and data squarely in the hands of the consumer, where it has always belonged.

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