Turn Receipts into Cash!

Are you throwing your receipts away after shopping?

Well, hold on a second! Let us show you the easiest way to turn that trash into treasure.

On the Microsoft Start and Bing apps, use the receipt scan to snap a picture of any receipt for free cash back. There is no catch — the cash back will show instantly in your “Microsoft Cashback” account.

Start Scanning in the App

To get started, download the Microsoft Start or Microsoft Bing apps available for mobile platforms on Google Play and App Store. After setting up the app and signing in, tap on the Deals icon in the upper-righthand corner. Once you’re in the Deals Hub, look for the camera icon to snap a picture of any receipt for free cash back.

If you haven’t already, tap “Join Now” in the top right-hand corner of the app and sign up for Microsoft Cashback with your Microsoft account in just one click.

Screenshots of cellphone displaying steps to scan a receipt

Tips to Earn More Cash Back on Receipts

You deserve a reward every day. Earn bonus cash back on everyday items such as milk, eggs, fruits at like Walmart, Walgreens, Target and much more!

Grocery items from Walgreens and Costco with cashback reward amounts

Scan more receipts for more cash back it’s as simple as that.

Whether you scan 1 receipt or 10 receipts, you can earn rewarding cash back on every receipt scan. Bonus: we reward those who keep coming back with $1.00 on your 10th receipt.

Receipt scan was designed for all shoppers to earn cash back, easily and frequently. Once you start scanning more, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your earnings grow with the snap of a camera. Next time you’re about to throw your receipt away, take a few seconds to reap your rewards first!

* Illustrations contain previously captured search results which may contain expired pricing and promotional offers. Cashback is currently only available in the US on select goods. Shoppers must sign in with their Microsoft accounts. If you do not have a Microsoft account, you can get one here. (See Microsoft Cashback for additional eligibility and program details.)