The Ultimate Spring Guide

It’s finally spring! After the long, cold months of winter, spring has returned to the northern hemisphere, and all of us at Microsoft Start couldn’t be more excited.  

Along with warmer weather, spring is a great time of the year to update your wardrobe, spruce up your home, get your garden ready and give your space a good spring cleaning.  

To celebrate the return of spring, we wanted to share our top picks and tips for the season! Our team members handpicked some of our favorite “spring” products on Shopping from Microsoft Start along with some great deals, so you won’t have to worry about breaking your budget.  


Spring is the perfect time to switch out your bulky sweaters and boots for some lighter, brighter options. If you’re looking for a little fashion inspiration, check out Microsoft Start Creators where you can find curated style ideas like outfit ideas for early spring and some casual outfits for inspiration 

Or just head over to Shopping from Microsoft Start 

From timeless jeans to funky sunglasses, here are some options our team loved –

Women's fashion ideas

Shop the looks Overalls, High-Rise Jeans, Retro Sunglasses, Floral Sunglasses, Sandals, Basic Top  

Men's fashion ideas

Shop the looksSunglasses, Pants, Shirt, White Shoes, Striped Shoes  

Here are a few tips for changing your wardrobe with the season:  

1. Take some time to swap out your winter clothes! It might be a little effort, but putting away your winter clothes frees up closet space for lighter, warm-weather options.  

2. Try incorporating bright, cheerful colors into your wardrobe – like yellows, pinks and greens for a springtime look.   

3. Don’t forget the layers! It might be freezing in the morning but sweltering in the afternoon. Layer your look with lightweight jackets or cardigans that you can easily remove if you get too warm.  


Always wanted a beautiful summer garden? Spring is the best time to get your hands dirty and start planting. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or brand-new, we’ve picked out our favorite products to help you get started, including floral garden gloves and a personalized tote bag for carrying all your supplies.  

Gardening supplies

Shop the suppliesGloves, Potting Mix, Wheelbarrow, Raised Beds, Tool Set, Garden Tote  

Here are a few gardening tips: 

1. Create a garden portfolio using an inexpensive photo album or an online tool like Collections in Microsoft Edge and add your plant tags to it. Then, add information as to where the plants are located. 

2. Take the strain out of lifting large planters and pots by filling the pot one-third full with packing peanuts. Then, place a piece of landscape fabric on top and layer on your potting soil.  

3. Protect your flower bulbs from wildlife by staking netting over them. Once they’re starting to emerge, remove the netting or cut holes in the cloth to let the plants come through. 

Spring Cleaning  

Our next topic is no one’s favorite, but after a long winter it feels so good to give your space a deep clean. Our top picks include a carpet cleaner perfect for pulling up old stains, and tools for tackling any cleaning job.    

Cleaning supplies

Shop the supplies: Carpet Cleaner, Sponge Daddy, Vacuum Set, Laundry Basket, Car Wash Kit, Fridge Organizer Bins   

Here are some top cleaning tips:  

1. Sprinkle baking soda directly on your mattress, leave it for an hour, and then vacuum it up. The baking soda will absorb all the dirt and odors!

2. Fill a bottle with half vinegar and half warm water for an all-natural cleaner. This mixture works particularly well against grout.

3. Use a handheld vacuum cleaner to get into all those hard-to-reach places like under your dresser or behind your bed.


A few quick updates are an easy way to freshen up your house without spending too much. We loved these floral wreaths to brighten up your front door, as well as a selection of vases for displaying your spring bouquet.  

Spring decorations

Shop the decor: Berry Basket, Floral Vessel, Glass Vases, Centerpiece Bowl, Mushroom Basket, Mirror 

Some decorating tips:  

1. Use your entryway to display spring decor such as plants, a tote bag full of fresh flowers or even a simple pair of rain boots. 

2. Use pastels like pale pink, blue and green for a calming springtime atmosphere.  

3. Add throw pillows to your couch for an easy way to redecorate your home on a budget.  

Our final hack? Check Weather in Microsoft Start to see what conditions are like before you head outside! Weather can change quickly, and can even be extreme in some parts of the country. With features like daily forecasts, severe weather alerts and even tips on what to wear, our weather app can help you make informed decisions throughout your day.  

Happy spring!